Internship: Interns Myths BUSTED!


Internship or interns: a myth, while most students know that internships can be great résumé boosters and helpful in establishing career connections, some still shy away. Movies and TV shows have painted interns to be people who aren’t as important at companies and get stuck doing the grunt work at their boss’s beck and call. Are some intern horror stories true? Yes, but overall what we here about internships couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Here’s the truth behind five well-known internship myths.

Myth 1: You’ll be fetching coffee all day long.
Although interns may do some administrative tasks, many companies hire interns to work on actual projects alongside full-time staff. Rather than just sorting mail, making copies or answering phones, interns usually complete entry-level job assignments. So unless you’re interning at Starbucks, no coffee fetching for you. Internship is as important to students as to company.

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