Intern : New Skills !

Internship Student

Several months ago I helped a friend work on his CV, which is a much longer and more detailed version of a resume. Part of it entails actually writing out paragraphs of information regarding special skills or times you’ve shown some sort of competency for a particular project, opportunity, etc., and you’re asked to basically explain what you do, rather than just listing it as you would in resume form.

I thought about that recently as I slogged through some pivot tables in Excel. Data entry and


manipulation are not particularly thrilling to me (I don’t think they are to anyone), and what becomes most frustrating to me is that it’s not always intuitive. Writing is intuitive. Talking to people is intuitive. But if you don’t know what button to push, you can’t divine the answer or fluff your way through. You either know it or you don’t, and that shows.

Rather than getting frustrated, though, I decided to view it as an opportunity to gain a new skill. It was arduous, time-consuming, and not glamorous in the least, but I envisioned my little future CV where I can write about that time I overcame my own frustration with knowing what button to push to acquire a new skill and challenge myself not to give up. Strangely, that helped me get past my frustration and just accepting that it WAS something I was going to learn how to do, no excuses. I felt pretty good about it, too, after the fact.

What you all think..?


One thought on “Intern : New Skills !

  1. It’s a good experience. It actually happens with every new Graduating Students who are looking for a job. They are not sensible towards their presentation method and details they intend to reflect in it. Writing resume is an art and if you can impress by developing this skill, with practical oriented approach, it will reward you according to your will. Good wishes,

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