Internship : Training to Career!

I am Raziya Khan.  This will be my blog as I am heading home a week early. It was unexpected, but I have been fortunate

Men At Work
Men At Work

to receive a job at Bank which I must start by 29th Nov. In an economy such as this, it is an opportunity that I can not forego and one that I am really looking forward to. The role enables me to use my degree and develop my finance knowledge alongside my Masters’ studies.

So as I look back on the experience I gain, I feel like I really have achieved something. It was challenging at times, but that made the experience even more valuable. Overall, the internship in and out of the work environment was one of learning and experience a culture.

The experience of the internship were priceless. Internship did a fantastic job of assisting with the adaptation into living in pressure from being there in time, organizing networking events, checking in with you weekly to ensure your internship was tracking well and dropping you off on your first day of work – they did a fantastic job of making an

Life After Internship
Life After Internship

experience that could be overwhelming to most be very simple and fun.

Thank you everyone, including my other interns, company particularly my mentor Ankit and the team. And a special mention must go to Vinay one of the program coordinators – the gurgoan experience is truly unforgettable!


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