Interns: Avoid the Job Search Frenzy, Start Now!

Every year, handfuls of college seniors come back from spring break in a panic.  They realize the year is almost over and

Frenzy Internship Search
Frenzy Internship Search

they still don’t have a job. With it being the beginning of November, here are some tips to avoid that pit in your stomach when you realize you only have a couple more months left of your parents supporting you financially.

1. Prepare your portfolio, update your resume and clean up your act.

Before you start your search, you want to make sure you have the right materials to give potential employers. It’s not a good look when someone asks you for a business card or resume and you can’t produce anything. Make sure your digital image is appropriate for the job you want.  Here’s a helpful checklist of things you should update before you reach out to anyone:

  • Resume
  • Linked In Profile
  • Twitter/Facebook
  • Personal Blog
  • E-mail Signature
  • Business Cards
  • Career Services Profile

2. Categorize potential jobs

Make a list of potential jobs, positions, or opportunities you would consider applying for. Next, bucket them into three different categories: jobs you would settle for, jobs you would accept an offer from, and dream jobs. Laying these out from the beginning will help you make a smart, thought-out decision when the time comes to accept a position. Remember, don’t sell yourself short!

3. Make a timeline

This can be as broad or specific as you think necessary. If you are a procrastinator, make your personal deadlines with plenty of time before the actual application deadline. Follow up with past internshipsevery two or three months. Don’t be that intern who follows up with a past employer as a last resort in June. Think ahead!

4. Don’t miss the recruiters!

Look now for recruiters who are coming to your campus this year and mark it on your calendar. Usually Career Services will have a calendar or a list-serve telling you what companies are coming to campus. Never show up to an information session unprepared. Always bring your resume, business cards and a pad of paper to take notes. If the company is offering interviews, don’t pass up that opportunity!

5. Your School’s Alumni Network

This should be your new best friend. Applying for jobs is 50 percent about making connections with other people and building a relationship. Look through your school’s alumni network and make a list of people who work at companies you might be interested in. You can either do this via your school’s Career Services alumni network OR Linked In is also a great resource.


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