Interns: How to dress on your first day of Internship

Whether you’re beginning a new internship or your first entry-level job, how you dress on the first day will influence your supervisors’ and coworkers’ first impression of you. You want to dress professionally, but this term has different

Dressing Sense
Dressing Sense

meanings for different professions. What seems like suitable attire at one company may seem sloppy at another. Likewise, coworkers may see you as a stuffy outsider if you consistently overdress. How do you determine what is and isn’t appropriate clothing for your job?

If your first day is quickly approaching and you’re still stressing about what to wear, consider doing some recon work beforehand. Head down to the office around lunchtime and observe employees as they leave the building to grab a bite to eat. This is one of the most direct ways to determine how the average employee dresses on a typical workday.

When it comes to your first day, it never hurts to overdress. Wearing your best suit and tie or pantsuit will demonstrate that you take your new position seriously and are looking to make a good impression – even if everyone else is wearing jeans. Once you have a firsthand look of the expected office attire, you can dress down to match.


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